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Get Anybody To Do Anything

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Created by: George Hutton
Leverage Powerful Linguistic Techniques To Move People's Minds, Lead Their Behavior and Never Get Rejected Again
What you'll learn
Communication and Persuasion
Sales Skills
Relationship Maintenance Skills
Relationship Building Skills
Social Skills
English Speaker
Getting rejected sucks. We all have tons of experience getting rejected. Some privately, some publicly and humiliatingly.
This is such a common fear it keeps people stuck, afraid to ask for what they want.
This is based on a common structure. A common structure of how we try to get the other person to satisfy our needs.
It Starts When We Are Young
All of us were once kids. When we were young, and we wanted something, we had to ask. We had no other strategies.
Sometimes we got what we wanted. Sometimes we didn't. But sometimes, we not only didn't get what we wanted, but we got yelled at. Just for asking!
Common Strategies
Most strategies to deal with this human problem is to just suck it up and power through the pain.
To build confidence by hook or by crook. This does work sometimes.
Sales and Dating
If you are in sales, you just gotta suck it up and power through. But most people can't do that.
That's why despite the massive money you can make in sales, they burn you out.
Even if you're just calling people on the phone, rejection still hurts.
Dating is even worse. Just walking across the room feels like you're on a high wire above a pool of piranhas.
As you soon as you make your move, it feels like all eyes on the place are on you.
Only Surface Structure Treatment
This will always be an issue because we are still coming with the same structure.
We think they have something we want. It doesn't matter who they are. It could be a cute guy or girl. It could be a hiring manager.
It could even be a busy waitress. It's her job to bring us stuff.
So why do we get nervous when want some more ketchup for our fries? Or another free refill on our soda?
Asking Energy
This because even if we are using advanced technology, we are still operating from the standpoint of the asker.
The second we acknowledge, even if our own minds, that they have something we want, part of us feels three years old again.
That by just asking, we risk getting yelled at.
No Emotional Mumbo Jumbo
You can spend years in therapy. You can do plenty of exercises to get rid of that asking energy. To practice assertive techniques.
To heal your inner child. To open up a line of communication with your higher self. That does absolutely work.
But it takes a lot of time. And it takes a lot of energy.
We Are Lazy
We don't want to go through all that. Make no mistake, taking the time to heal your inner child is a very worthy effort.
To free yourself from fear of judgement can be an extremely satisfying and emotionally freeing endeavor.
We Are Impatient
But we want results. Not in a few years when we're done with therapy. Right the F now.
This means we need another method. One that doesn't suppress that asking energy.
One that doesn't try and solve that asking energy. On that completely ignores that asking energy.
Bank Shot Theory
We need a way to talk to them so we don't feel like we are asking them for anything.
Not only any level. We also need a way to talk to them so they don't feel like we are asking them for anything. Not on any level.
But this isn't even half the battle. We could walk up and mention something lame about the weather.
That would satisfy both requirements, but it wouldn't do squat to achieve our outcome.
What is our outcome? To get them to do what we want.
Paradox of Outcome Independence
It's commonly taught that if you are outcome independent, you will increase the chances of getting your outcome.
Read any forum about sales or seduction and you'll see goofs repeating this metaphysical truth all day long.
But they never say how to do this.
When you watch this series, you will know how.
Not just vaguely, or theoretically, but linguistically.
Step By Step Linguistic Structure
You'll learn how to tune your inner mind, and inner state into the perfect non-asking energy.
It's very easy.
Then you'll learn a very powerful question structure that will lead them exactly where you want them to go.
They Will Love It
The best part is it will feel fantastic from their point of view.
Within a few moments, simply by asking some seemingly simple but extremely targeted questions, they will feel better than they have in a very long time.
Cause Effect Generator
This leverages the instinctive cause-effect generator we've all got in our brains.
The one that makes us see causation when there is only correlation. What is the cause-effect you will be creating?
The cause will be you.
The effect will be the massively positive feelings you'll be able to generate within them in a matter of moments.
Not Memorized Stories Or Patterns
This fantastic feeling in them will be created by the ideas that already exist in their mind.
You don't need to tell stories. You don't have to do magic tricks.
You don't have to wear colorful clothing or fancy shoes or even have the latest hairstyle.
Attraction Generator
If you are so inclined, attraction will be naturally generated.
If you are in sales, you'll make a lot more money. If you like the idea of being a player, you'll get a lot more action.
If you want to make friends, you can build a social circle in no time.
This works for everybody. Every gender, every orientation.
You can attach their desire to you. You can attach their desire to your ideas.
You can attach their desire to your product or service.
Advanced Strategies
You'll learn a very spooky but very basic technique to slowly lead them exactly to where you want them to go.
Your restaurant choice. To buy the only product you happen to have available.
To give you their phone number without ever asking.
You'll also learn a very powerful from of fractionation.
This is a concept that is widely misunderstood by most folks today, even those claiming to teach it.
But you'll learn how to apply it to people in your neighborhood.
From baristas, to bartenders to waiters and librarians.
Just drop a few of the desire-generating and easy-to-answer questions every time you see them, and you'll be building your own private army of supports.
Everywhere You Go
If you take your time with these ideas and use them sparingly, you can slowly create cause-effect desire in everybody you interact with.
Soon, every time they see you, they will suddenly feel that wonderful desire they feel nowhere else.
As Powerful As Mind Reading
This is not magic. This is not based on metaphysics.
This is only based on a powerful and unique combination of inner and outer game. Inner game to turn off the asking energy.
Outer linguistic techniques to surgically extract their most powerful desires.
They Won't Need To Speak
This is so powerful they won't even need to speak.
This means if you have a partner who is having a deep and complex emotional issue, you will be able to find out exactly what it is.
They won't need to speak, they won't even need to open their eyes.
Where Can You Use This?
Any time where you are in a one on one conversation.
On the phone or face to face. If you can arrange that, with any person for any reason, in minutes you can get them eager to do whatever you want.
Without any rejection or social anxiety.
Create An Army Of Supports
Use the powerful and subtle techniques of fractionation on all the folks in your neighborhood.
Slowly build an army of people who will always be happy to see you and eager to help. Get this course and get started.
Become A Social Super Star
Create fantastic feelings in people so they automatically and unconsciously associate pleasure with you.
Build a network of rabid fans and turn life into a non-stop party. Get this course now and become party super hero.
I'm George Hutton with Mind Persuasion.
Thank you for watching and I'll see you on the inside.
Who this course is for:
Anybody wishing to enhance communication and persuasion for any reason
Get Anybody To Do Anything

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